Our LIVE Tracking app helps you
to have real time reports

Also give your customers breath taking experience

Your customers can exactly know where is the rider

About Us

We are an technology company aim to provide and support business for growth and better business control. LYFT as SBU of ECOM Planners where we try find solution to all your business problems when it comes to E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Delivery Management and other business related units.

LYFT DMS is an Delivery Management System which enables restaurants, grocery stores, flower shops, fashion stores, café & bakeries, and all businesses who want to have more insight of their delivery fleet and could manage their riders/drivers, view delivery analytics run time, for today, weekly or monthly. LYFT DMS shall enable you to allocate human and other resources in a right manner also helping to manage cost in right and most accurate manner.

Restaurants, grocery stores, flower shops, fashion stores and café & bakeries will not be able to equip their riders/drivers with simple/economical Android Phone to run LYFT applications to manage their deliveries. Android APP for riders in all new and very easy to use rider APP which will give complete information for the rider to pick up orders from your branch, and get it deliver to the customers in most accurate and timely manner using Google Navigation. Riders can see complete order details, along with payment collection details, customer contact/address and pickup locations address/contact details, making is very simple and easy to use to provide every possible information for timely deliveries.

Customized and powerful admin panel control enables admin to view LIVE delivery dashboard, assigned delivery and available riders to have accurate real time analytics on riders and deliveries to have better control. Admin control panel is designed to have as many branches, pickup locations, create zone to restrict and better management of riders reach along with fleet management and sync with customer data base to assign riders to certain delivery.

LYFT is new generation delivery management application, stationed in Kuwait providing services globally, to have better control on your businesses whether you are running a restaurant, flower shop, laundry, grocery store, fashion store, etc.

Ask for your DEMO today, or reach us at sales@mylyftapp.com and we will glad to assist you.